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A world-class platform for international customs declarations and duty

Shipping is a huge ocean. Third-party logistics, whereby the freight forwarding sector constitutes almost $1 trillion in market value, occupies considerable space within this marketplace. * WCP is set to disrupt this sector.


According to the WCO latest’s annual report, approximately 550m declarations are lodged every year. Currently, declarations are lodged by freight forwarders within the foregoing addressable market.

Poor solutions for use directly by importers have limited or minimum Customs Compliance support technology and don’t connect with Single Windows globally within a centralised platform.

* Reference: According to consultancy firm, Armstrong & Associates.

Lead by World Customs Consultants (WCC) partners with whom have over 50 years’ experience within the industry. WCC has managed many clients over the years (Including iconic Multinational Corporations), that have been seeking customer focus technology to take care of their complex Customs Compliance obligations and gain visibility over this key information.

The missing piece:

Presently International Traders are unable to access Customs Declaration status and their compliance profile within the Customs Border Agencies clearance systems. WCP provides complete transparency to International Traders, on all matters dealing with Customs barriers.

Duty is Often Overpaid

Historical records demonstrate that up to 25% duty is often overpaid by the majority of corporations.

Liabilities to Retrospective Duties

Our consultancy experience has proven the incorrect application of Harmonised Tariff Codes (HTC), FTA’s* and the myriad of concession systems by freight forwarders.

Excessive Declaration Charges

Multiple Freight Forwarders lodge declarations individually for multiple suppliers that often arrive on the same ship, thereby leading to unnecessary Government related declaration costs/fees.

Unknown Declaration Status

Lack of visibility regarding real time status of import declarations

That's where we come in

Introducing our platform:

Our platform aims to provide MNC traders with enhanced Customs Duty management/visibility on a global basis, coupled with overseas purchase order tracking and decrease international supply chain costs up to 25%.

Saves time

  • Centralised location with index search to find any product files

  • Declaration preparation is 8x faster!

  • Accurate and precise customs compliance powered by real-time monitoring

Saves duty costs

  • Continuous tracking of duty savings

  • Backed by experienced CRM advisers to find the lowest tariff rate

  • Intelligent suggestions of potential duty savings


Works on:

A cloud-native, serverless architecture

Using the latest technologies and design philosophies, our platform brings world class functionality for all users on any device 

Powered by our official partner

We are an official partner of Google Cloud. Our combined partnership allows us to deliver a robust, secure and reliable service; on a global world class scale.

Accurate Customs Compliance

Every sku is mapped accurately to the govt customs rules. No more lost files or searching messy folders. WCP manages compliance and provides the index to find everything you need.

One home base for everything

  • Dynamic loading of all relevant customs rules (HS Code, TCO, Schedule 4, ByLaws)

  • Support for FTA’s and Tariff Rulings

  • Store product files in one place (specifications, purchase order, declarations etc)

Saves duty costs

  • Continuous tracking of duty savings

  • Backed by experienced CRM advisers to find the lowest tariff rate

  • Intelligent suggestions of potential duty savings

Accurate Customs Compliance

Real-Time Monitoring

Freight forwarders are unable to keep track of regular changes occurring in the customs environment. No more overpaying of duty. WCP manages changes in real-time and helps to be on top of your duty payments.

Tracking changes every day

  • WCP updates customs rules in real-time

  • Covers new, revoked and intention to revoke tariff concession orders

  • Alerts for updated & revoked dumping, bylaws and schedule 4

Immediate action

  • Triggers list of products affected by changes in customs rules

  • Automated email for both clients and CRMs to take action

  • Reminders, notifications on updates to tariff rates at the product level

Duty Tracking - Financial Review

Customise the dashboard to track duty across multiple parameters. Transparency and visibility across customs duty and potential opportunities of saving duty. Check your ROI instantly!

Duty Overview

  • The dashboard provides the entire overview of the organization duty – total duty paid, total duty saved, orders, suppliers

  • Declaration status

  • Duty Savings Breakdown

  • Forecasting

Financial Reviews

  • Able to download a financial report pdf directly

  • Expert customs advisers to assist in potential duty savings

  • Intelligent system suggestions to update tariff rates resulting in duty savings powered by real-time monitoring



No, to the best of our knowledge no other technology company has been able to provide a ‘cloud native’ platform Global Single Windows solution focussed on support declaration SaaS services for international traders, that incorporates ‘Real Time’ Customs Compliance monitoring at the product or HTC level. Virtually all declarations systems around the world are dedicated to international freight forwarding companies and most systems do not incorporate ‘Real-Time’ Customs Compliance monitoring.

Yes, the fundamental purpose of our platform is to create competitive tension around international ocean and air freight costs, by separating the declaration function from internal logistics services, as no one freight forwarder is the most competitive with international air and sea freight costs in every trade lane around the world.

Harmonized Tariff Codes (HTC’s) are product classification codes that vary between eight and 10 digits for each country. The first six digits are globally aligned via HTC Sub-Headings, assigned by the World Customs Organization (WCO), thereby enabling the classification of goods for Customs purposes.


All countries of import assign the subsequent digits (i.e. beyond six digits), to provide additional classification information and duty rates. HTC’s that are 8-10 digits are administered by the respective Border Agencies for each country.

Yes. But WCP recommends our experienced Senior Customs Brokers provide professional assistance based on their extensive industry experience, because it can be a complex and difficult task. WCP can provide you the information straight from the Border Agency’s legal Customs Tariff environment.


Consider the classification of a set of goods, being a Toothbrush, Comb and Hand Sanitiser. Either a word search or casual browsing through the Tariff Schedule might lead to various heading options such as 9603 (Toothbrush), 9615 (Comb) and 3808 (Hand Sanitiser). However, the governing WCO General Rules for Interpretation of the Harmonised Tariff, dictate under Rule 3(b), such goods “shall be classified as if they consisted of the material or component which gives them their essential character, insofar as this criterion is applicable.” Therefore, the proper classification could be in this instance Chapter 9615,  as the Toothbrush would appear to provide the ‘essential character’ of the set, although this interpretation may vary country to country. Although, in principle, articles can be classified in only one place, classification often requires interpretation and judgment.


Were you able to digest that?


Also, Border Agencies apply penalties for Non-Compliance, which can be quite unpleasant and unexpected financial burden on the business.

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